Via The Hill:

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a fierce critic of President Trump, tweeted his support on Monday for Oprah Winfrey for president in 2020.

Kristol, a “Never Trump” Republican, tweeted that he believed Winfrey’s well-received speech on Sunday night at the Golden Globes was an indication she’s preparing to run for the White House.

Kristol then took-up the hashtag “ImWithHer” — once used by supporters of Hillary Clinton — to highlight his support for Winfrey’s worldview.

In an email, Kristol said the tweets were “tongue in cheek.”

“Though if she runs, couldn’t she win the Democratic nomination and the general election?” he added. “And wouldn’t she be a better president than Trump?”

Kristol recruited challengers to Trump in 2016 and if a Republican primary challenger to Trump does not materialize in 2020, it is not a stretch to think that he might support the Democrat in the race. Kristol often criticizes the president and believes he’s a threat to the nation.
In his series of tweets, Kristol mentioned a number of possible other Democratic hopefuls.