Not if global warming does it first.

Via Newsweek:

President Donald Trump’s mental health might lead to the extinction of the human species, the Yale psychiatrist briefing lawmakers on the president’s psychological state told Newsweek on Friday.

If it were possible, Dr. Bandy Lee said, “we would be declaring a public health emergency that needs to be responded to as quickly as possible.”

“As more time passes, we come closer to the greatest risk of danger, one that could even mean the extinction of the human species,” she said. “This is not hyperbole. This is the reality.”[…]

Though Lee and her colleagues are making their own plans—including putting together a list of D.C.-area psychiatrists who would be willing to respond in the event of a mental health emergency at the White House—most of the possible reactions to a president’s mental health issues are in the hands of lawmakers. Discussions about Trump’s psychological fitness for the presidency almost invariably wind up involving the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which lays out the presidential line of succession should the President die, resign, be temporarily unable to perform his duties or be removed from office. Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law professor, told Politico that removing Trump from the presidency in this way “would require, for mental incapacity, a major psychotic break.”

One other option that Congress might have is to set up a committee to evaluate the president’s health. Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, has introduced a bill —which currently has 56 co-sponsors—that would set up a commission to determine if a president is physically and mentally able to serve. (Lee will also be speaking at one of Raskin’s town halls.)

But that bill is far from becoming law. In the meantime, Lee would settle for an evaluation called a “capacity examination” done by a specialist. This kind of exam can be adapted for different professions; for a president, such an exam might look specifically at his decision-making ability as well as his ability to weigh consequences “and make choices that are fact- and reality-based,” she said.

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