Kim Jong Un got the message.

Via Charleston Post and Courier:

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson, a high-ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, brushed aside concerns Wednesday about President Donald Trump’s combative rhetoric toward North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, arguing the president’s tweets help to send a strong message to Pyongyang.[…]

But Wilson, R-Lexington, said he supports “whatever the president does” and backed Trump’s aggressive language.

“He’s sending a message to Pyongyang that this is not benign disagreement or whatever the prior policy was,” Wilson said. “We are now preparing to defend the American people, to defend the people of South Korea, what an extraordinary country that is, to defend the people of Japan.”

As Trump has argued in the past, Wilson said the president’s Twitter habit offers a way for him to communicate his views unfiltered.

“A real challenge is that for the president to get his message out, the way to do it is to jump over the mainstream media, and the way to do that is through tweets,” Wilson said.

One of few members of Congress to have personally visited Pyongyang, Wilson also holds the rare position of serving on both the armed services and foreign affairs committees.

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