Spoiler alert: The tree was dead, dangerous and falling down, already being propped up for years with cable and no longer safe.

Experts determined it was no longer right to keep it there and Melania explored every possibility to save it, but it was too far gone.

Via Slate:

“After reviewing the reports, she trusted that every effort had been made to preserve the historic tree and was concerned about the safety of visitors and members of the press who are often standing right in front of the tree during Marine One lifts.”

Melania Trump has reportedly requested that the wood from the tree, which is the oldest on the White House grounds, be preserved. The White house groundkeepers have apparently been preparing for this day and have been growing several offshoots of the tree that are “now somewhere around eight to 10 feet tall,” reports CNN. The plan is that one of those offshoots will eventually be planted in its place so another Jackson Magnolia that was taken directly from the original can grow in the same spot.

But hey, that isn’t as clickbaity a headline. Better to stoke hatred of Melania.