All the problems in Memphis have been solved, the unicorns will reappear and the days will be sunny.

Via Fox News:

Crews removed two Confederate statues from two Memphis parks late Wednesday after the city sold them to a private entity.

The City Council voted unanimously earlier in the day to sell both Health Sciences and Fourth Bluff Parks where the Confederate statues were located.

Moments ago, I signed the ordinance that completed our sale of the parks.
— Mayor Jim Strickland (@MayorMemphis) December 21, 2017

Mayor Jim Strickland confirmed on Twitter that both Health Sciences and Fourth Bluff Parks “have been sold. Operations on those sites tonight are being conducted by a private entity and are compliant with state law.”

Within minutes of the vote Wednesday night, a heavy police presence was seen near the Health Sciences Park — where a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate Army general, is located.

The other statue, of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, was located at Fourth Bluff Park.

Council member Janis Fullilove told the newspaper it was a “crazy, crazy, crazy night.”

“It’s really going down in history that this is the night they are going to take the statues down,” Fullilove said. “It’s a historic moment.”

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