NFL was already in trouble, now this.

Via TMZ:

Warren Sapp is firing back against allegations of sexual misconduct — claiming he NEVER urinated in front of an NFL Network wardrobe lady … but there WAS a conflict over the bathroom.

Sapp appeared on “The Andy Slater Show” on 940 AM in Miami and told his version of what went down during a bathroom incident with Jami Cantor while he was working at the network.

Long story short … Sapp says he DID open the bathroom door and saw Cantor working in there — but instructed her to get out … and didn’t begin to pee until she was gone.

“I walked in [and] asked her to leave,” Sapp said … “She left. She yelled what she yelled through the door, talkin’ about that’s her office.”

Sapp explained, “This sh*tter can’t be your office.”

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