Ok, here’s the problem with this story. Why would someone put out something that was such an obvious fake that would 100% be found to be a fake? Answer: because something else is coming that this is meant to divert or cast doubt on.

Via Daily Caller:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer contacted Capitol Hill Police Tuesday after encountering a forged document describing allegations of sexual harassment charges by a former staffer, Axios reported.

The 13 page document sent to Axios and other media outlets was dated from 2012 with the file name “Schumer_Complaint.” Although the document had the look of an official lawsuit filed in in the District of Columbia, no attorney is named.

Additionally, the allegation claims one incident happened in Washington D.C. on a day when Schumer was actually in New York City and another incident happened in D.C. when he was in France.

The former staffer, now a career employee in the federal government, told Axios none of the charges listed were true and her signature was forged. The former staffer, after being informed by Axios of the document, said she plans to go to law enforcement to follow up.

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