Via Daily Mail:

One 94-year-old widow cried tears of joy on Sunday as she was presented with a ring she gave her husband 70 years ago before he died fighting in World War II.

Betty McAleenan of Wyoming was reunited with her high school class ring after it was found in Papua, New Guinea glimmering like a shard of hope beneath the plane wreckage that killed her husband Staff Sgt. Robert Greebull in 1944.

Greebull fought as a bomber gunner in the Wyoming Air National Guard. The cause of the crash has not been reported.

Robert and his good luck charm made it through 38 successful missions but unfortunately he lost his life during the 39th. The ring survived.

The ring was discovered amongst the shattered plane in New Guinea 40 years ago, but as of Sunday the forget me not was returned to Greebull’s wife who hasn’t forgotten her love for him–not at all.

‘He was a wonderful, wonderful guy,’ Betty McAleenan said to KLTA.

‘And I fell madly in love like all people do at that age,’ she continued.

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