They won’t be able to read the climate change warnings.

Via The Black Sphere:

The foxes are in charge of the hen house. Because Leftist Democrat bureaucrats and teachers’ unions now hold our education system hostage.

Things have gotten so bad, some teachers and student want justice.

Several lawyers representing teachers and students are suing California schools for their inability to teach students how to read.

“The advocacy law firm, Public Counsel, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court to demand the California Department of Education address its “literacy crisis.” The state has not followed suggestions from its own report on the problem five years ago, the lawsuit said.

“When it comes to literacy and the delivery of basic education, California is dragging down the nation,” said Public Counsel lawyer Mark Rosenbaum, who sued along with the law firm Morrison & Foerster.

Assessments found less than half of California students from third grade to fifth grade have met statewide literacy standards since 2015. Both traditional and charter schools are failing, Rosenbaum said.”

This assessment shocks most people. They believe our children are being educated.

Moreover, teachers clamor for more money, and they get it. Believe it or not, California has received more federal money for education than any other state in the U.S.[…]

In fact, the school districts that suffered the most in this lawsuit were those that catered to low-income families. Take a look at some of the assessments of students in California.

Last year, the schoolwide proficiency rate in reading at La Salle Elementary was 4 percent, and as many as 171 students out of the 179 tested were not proficient by state standards, the lawsuit says. One was an 11-year-old boy who tested at an early third-grade reading level when he was finishing fifth grade.

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