Via Mediaite:

The walls are closing in on Sen. Al Franken, with a seventh accuser stepping forward today and multiple Democrats calling for his resignation in the aftermath, including DNC chair Tom Perez and more than 20 Senators (and counting).

Franken is expected to give remarks tomorrow and, well, it’d be pretty crazy if he didn’t resign. The former SNL star’s time in public service should be drawing to a close, and provided it did, what happens next in Minnesota politics?

What happens to that Senate seat once Franken walks into the sunset, relegating his propensity for butt grabbing to the private sector?

Minnesota state law is pretty clear on what the next steps will be, stipulating that in the event of a vacancy in the Senate, a special election “shall be held at the next November election if the vacancy occurs at least 11 weeks before the regular state primary preceding that election.”

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