Yeah, it’s a total mystery.

Via PJM:

The al-Qaeda chapter that hacked an Atlanta man to death two years ago and a USAID worker last year said they’re flummoxed by America’s “enmity” with Sharia law and convinced that the current commander in chief shows the U.S. is down, “dumbstruck and distressed.”

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent spokesman Ustadh Usama Mahmood said in an interview released by al-Qaeda’s as-Sahab media that while they’re focused on creating an “Islamic subcontinent” the group “is also a part of the global jihadi movement” and ranks Americans as their top enemy along with “the alliance of Crusaders, Zionists, Mulhids [apostates], polytheists, and secularists.”

“We believe an important aim of this jihadi movement is to build deterrence in front of the enemies of the Islamic Emirate [Afghanistan], and to revive the jihadi movement on a public level to counter them,” Mahmood said. “…The first target is the ‘ringleader of criminals,’ America, because America is the biggest enemy of Islam and the Muslims, its hands are stained with the blood of Muslims, it is the biggest supporter of oppressors of Islam and it is the biggest protector and leader of the global system of injustice.”

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