How much is enough? One without any examination of her claim was enough for people to call for Roy Moore to step aside. Is six enough yet for Franken?

Via Vice:

On Thursday, a New England woman came forward to accuse Senator Al Franken of trying to forcibly kiss her when she was serving as an elected official, bringing the total number of allegations against the Minnesota Democrat to six.

The latest allegation followed Army veteran Stephanie Kemplin’s accusation that Franken groped her breast during a USO tour photo op. Minutes after CNN published Keplin’s account, Jezebel reported Franken allegedly tried to give an unnamed former elected official a “wet, open-mouthed kiss” during an event in 2006. Franken, a host on radio station Air America at the time, reportedly invited the official to a live taping of his show in front of an audience at a large theater. Franken allegedly tried to kiss her in front of the audience after the interview.

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