I keep saying his apologies are more disturbing than other people’s denials, but the left has completely bought them, saying how in touch, forgive the pun, it shows he is.

Via Daily Caller:

A humiliated Al Franken returned to Washington DC this week after a series of bombshell sexual harassment allegations.

Franken has been accused of being a serial-groper by multiple women. The Minnesota Democrat has faced more and more outcry, even from within his own party, as the allegations continue to stack. In total, four women have now accused Franken of inappropriately touching or groping them without consent. Many in progressive circles are now calling for Franken’s resignation. To date, Franken’s office has said he will not resign and instead has issued controversial apologies to the women. The apologies issued by Franken range in length and content, however there is one very disturbing trend that each of them has in common.

Read them carefully and it’s easy to see that Franken is not aware that he is sexually assaulting women. Franken regularly states in his apologies that he is unaware that his groping was offensive and often does not remember if it even happened.

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