Keeping it classy while losing an argument.

Via Campus Reform:

Conservative students at Portland State University claim that a classmate spat on them while they hosted a “Capitalism vs. Socialism” display on Thanksgiving Day.

The event, which was co-hosted by the PSU College Republicans and Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapters, sought to contrast the material benefits of capitalism with the poverty created by socialism in the context of competing Thanksgiving feasts.

One table, emblazoned with the words “This is your Thanksgiving on capitalism,” featured a table full of fake fruit, a turkey, a gold bust and coins, sunglasses, drink cozies, and buttons stating “Big Government Sucks” and “Free Markets Free People.”

In contrast, another table, labeled “This is your Thanksgiving on socialism,” featured a handful of spiders and a single pear, all presided over by a skeleton leaning back in a chair.

Edward Mentrum, President of PSU TPUSA and organizer of the display, told Campus Reform that the event was intended to “stir a discussion on campus about capitalism and socialism,” and “make a clear statement to showcase the stark differences between socialism and capitalism.

“A lot of people are tired of the socialist’s ideological monopoly on campus, and they’re ready for a change,” Mentrum explained. “Far too many people on campus are afraid to speak up, so we want to change that.”

While Mentrum confirmed that the event had a lot of support, he also reported that things quickly escalated when one student took issue with the display.

“A guy came to our booth looking a little angry about our display and he said that capitalism is a disgusting ideology and that socialism is so great, so I started critiquing socialism,” Mentrum divulged. “It was then that he got so furious that he spit on me and my display.”

Other students corroborated Mentrum’s account.

Philip Arola, President of the PSU College Republicans, recalled that “a young man approached the table, and he introduced himself by attempting to make some witty remark about how he thinks the display was wrong.”

“The argument basically devolved into him claiming that Venezuela is a ‘state capitalist system,’” Arola continued, adding that “when we tried to dispel such a foolish notion, he spit on the table, turned tail, and stormed off.”

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