Lack of discipline in the home.

Via WHP:

Emotions were high inside the Harrisburg School Board meeting Monday night as The Harrisburg Education Association pleaded with the board for help following violent encounters in the classrooms at elementary schools throughout the district.

First grade teacher Johanna Brown describes what’s going on in her classroom at Downey Elementary, saying to the school board, “Are we getting hurt? This bruise is from last Friday.”

Brown described a student in her room, saying, “She will kick and hit her classmates. She will throw the entire contents of her desk at every single student just to get attention.”

The emotional plea to the school board for help also came from fellow teachers.

“I have been kicked, hit, punched scratched. I’ve had a student physically restrain me in front of my other students, grabbing my arms from behind where I was unable to move,” First Grade Teacher Amanda Shaeffer said.

Educators asked the board for more training when it comes to mental health and trauma situations, along with better communication with administrators.

Parents and grandparents got up to speak too, one woman stating her foster son has been bullied by other children and the teacher needs help.

“She needs help. The kids in her room are so out of control, how are you supposed to be sitting here working when someone’s going underneath another child’s desk with permanent marker writing all over their sneakers,” Lorraine Badget said.

Since July, the Harrisburg Education Association says more than 40 teachers have left the district.

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