From Louisiana Mom: Long time Weasel Zipper commenter and former moderator, Jettie (Blue Dog), has been seriously ill and has taken a turn for the worse, she will be going to a hospice today. Her longtime boyfriend and sister will be there for her.

Knowing Jettie as well as I do, I know she’s a very private person, but I’m going to give Zippers an overview of her condition without too many details to honor Jetties’ wish for privacy. (May Jettie forgive me.) A few months ago, she fell ill, she’s been in and out of the hospital since. A few weeks ago, they determined her problem was a perforated colon and performed emergency surgery but she’s never fully recovered from the illness and surgery. She needs lots of prayers at this time.

Note: Jettie will kick our butts and tell us to “Fek Off”.

HT: Bandit’s son for the blue dog avatar and Toothless Dawg for the pic of young Jettie.