You knew they were going there.

Via Townhall:

Well, if there’s one thing we can say about this Boston Globe op-ed, it’s honest. I don’t mean honest regarding facts or anything, but honest in detailing what gun control advocates really, really want: confiscation.

In light of the recent mass shootings in Texas and Las Vegas, the usual characters stepped out in front. The National Rifle Association is evil, we need more background checks, and it’s the Republicans’ fault.

The rancor lasted a few weeks, but as in every case, we return to reality: guns are here to stay. Guns are part of American culture. And no new gun control laws are going to get passed. Period. Why? There’s no need. In fact, none of the proposals the anti-Gun Left pushes would stop any future mass shootings. None.

Background checks? Stephen Paddock, who committed the brutal shooting in Las Vegas passed all of his background checks, had zero run-ins with the law, and no history of mental illness. Devin Kelley, an Air Force veteran who served a year in jail for domestic violence, should have been barred from owning guns after his conviction. He was court-martialed in 2012 for beating his wife and stepson, the latter of which suffered a fractured skull. In 2014, he was given a bad-conduct discharge. How did he get weapons? The Air Force did not forward his criminal record to the FBI to be added into the NICS system. This shooting could have been prevented.

Also, it was an NRA member who stopped the carnage from being even more widespread. Stephen Willeford lived near the church where Kelley opened fire and was made aware of the attack by his daughter. He ran barefoot across the street and engaged Kelley with his AR-15 rifle.

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