Via Daily Caller:

Since Donald Trump’s election win in 2016, his supporters and the political right in general have repeatedly been targeted for violence and intimidation.

News broke Monday that anti-white hate crimes grew faster than any other racial hate crime category in America in 2016. According to statistics released Monday, there was a 19.34 percent increase in anti-white hate crime attacks from 2015 to 2016. (RELATED: FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes In America)

Indeed, many anti-Trump attacks have had a racial component to them.

In January 2017, a shocking video emerged from Chicago, when a young mentally disabled white male was kidnapped by a group of black assailants. The victim was tied up, tortured, sliced with a knife, and forced to drink toilet water while they yelled, “Fuck Donald Trump!” and “Fuck white people!”

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