Non-lethal force at work.


A police K-9 grabbed a masked suspect’s arm and broke the man’s wrist as he pointed a semi-automatic handgun at officers Sunday night, Springfield Police said.

“Officers on scene speculate the outcome may have been deadly had K-9 Falco not intervened at the moment he did,” Springfield Police said in a report.

The suspect now faces Attempted Aggravated Murder of a Police Officer, Assaulting a Police Service Animal, Assaulting a Public Safety Officer and other charges.

Police did not release the man’s identity. Investigators believe the 38-year-old is a fugitive from another jurisdiction; his name is not being released so as not to interfere in that open investigation, police said.

The situation started in Eugene on Pioneer Pike Street off Coburg Road in Eugene late Sunday night.

The residents of the home saw their Cadillac Escalade SUV backing out of their driveway and called 911. Investigators later determined the suspect entered the garage, found the keys to the SUV and used the garage door opener to exit.

A Springfield Police Officer spotted the stolen Escalade on 28th Street in Springfield.

The SUV sped off, leading police on a chase in the Mohawk area of Springfield before going onto Highway 126 westbound and onto northbound Interstate 5.

The Escalade hit 100 mph before exiting I-5 at the Coburg Exit 199.

“The Escalade reached a dead end and stopped at the end of Vanduyn Street, where the suspect dropped the Escalade into reverse and rammed a police car, which had pulled into position behind it,” Springfield Police said in a report.

“The masked suspect refused police commands, and after initially presenting his hands on command, ducked back into the car and entered the backseat,” according to police.

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