What the hell is going on in Alabama?

Via Slate:

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones was already closer to Roy Moore in the polls than most Alabama Democrats get to Alabama Republicans before the Washington Post reported on the accusations of a woman who says Moore placed her hand on his genitals when she was 14. An overnight poll now finds the race tied. In other words, a lot of national scrutiny is headed Jones’ way, some of which will no doubt land on the ad above, called “Honor,” which he released Oct. 30.[…]

In an interview just published in Slate, New York Times polling expert Nate Cohn argues Jones should be “running further to the center or even the right on a few issues” to appeal to his state’s enormous population of white conservatives, and this kind of thing would certainly seem to fit the bill. On the other hand, as Alabama columnist John Archibald noted Friday, praising the cause of slavery is probably not the kind of thing that will elevate black voter turnout on your behalf. (The state’s population is 27 percent black.) And, well, that’s probably why Democrats don’t usually win elections in Alabama!

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