And as Willeford noted, Kelley was reloading when he arrived on the scene and shot him, making him drop his weapon. Can’t get more ‘stopped’ than that.

Via Free Beacon:

On Tuesday’s episode of Meet the Press Daily, panelist Yamiche Alcindor and host Chuck Todd incorrectly said Stephen Willeford did not exchange fire with the Texas church shooter or end his attack.

“When I was watching President Trump today, and he was making his argument that [the shooter] was essentially stopped by someone with a gun, I thought he killed himself,” Yamiche Alicindor, a national reporter for the New York Times, said. “There was not a big gun fight, and he was not stopped. There needs to be a fact check on how it was stopped.”

“Right,” Chuck Todd responded. “The narrative with Mike Huckabee and the president is a little bit off the rails.”

The facts show that Stephen Willeford did exchange gunfire with the Texas gunman as his attack was still preceding. The story of Farida Brown, as told to the Washington Post by her son David Brown, makes it clear that at least some of the survivors of the attack credit Willeford with saving their lives.

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