What’s your excuse now?

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, denies authorizing a disturbing TV ad that depicted his opponent’s supporters as murderous neo-Confederates, but state campaign finance reports suggest the campaign coordinated with the group responsible for producing the ad.

Earlier this week, Latino Victory fund, a progressive political action committee, released a video of a white man in a pickup truck sporting an Ed Gillespie bumper chasing after a group of frightened minorities. Latino Victory pulled the ad, which had drawn outrage from conservative groups for its overt racial fear-mongering, hours after an Islamic terrorist used a rented van to run down and kill 8 people in New York on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Northam campaign initially defended the messaging in the ad, but Northam himself later denied that the video was produced at the direction of his campaign.

“That commercial did not come from our campaign,” the Democratic candidate said in an interview with Virginia NBC affiliate WAVY News. “It’s certainly not a commercial that I would have wanted to run.”

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