Moonbeam building an army?

In a contentious interview with BBC radio, California Governor Jerry Brown has threatened to sue the Trump administration over climate change, while vowing to “stabilize the ship of state.”

“The president is working to delegitimize the very notion of climate change,” Brown told Jim Naughtie of the BBC in a program that aired Tuesday, while the position of California is to go “against the policies of President Trump.”

“I hope the rest of the world does their part in providing a forceful opposition,” he said.

“Trump has declared war on a majority of the American people under the guise of supporting his minority base and it’s very dangerous,” Brown said. “It’s very disruptive for America, and I’m going to do everything I can to stabilize the ship of state.”

The governor went on to say that the president uses the issue of global warming to “work” his constituency. “I think he sees this as a galvanizing rhetoric for his base,” he said.

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