Nobody braces for Black Lives Matters rallies.

Via USA Today:

In the rows of matching brick duplexes, natives of this Tennessee community live among immigrants from Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa, a sign of the slowly changing demographics of this city 60 miles southeast of Nashville.

The Shelbyville Housing Authority neighborhood sits just behind one of the city’s main intersections, the site of a “White Lives Matter” rally set for Saturday in protest of longtime Middle Tennesseans having to coexist with their newer, foreign-born neighbors. It follows a similar demonstration held in Charlottesville, Va., this August, a rally that turned violent and left one counterprotester dead.

Now, some Shelbyville residents are concerned about how events will unfold this weekend in their city of 21,000.

“It does worry me, because most of the housing project is a bunch of different races,” said Varina Hinojosa, 37.

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