About damn time….

Via The Federalist:

Many times throughout history societies cast aside the idea of due process, such as during the Salem witch trials and the 1980s and ’90s satanic day care scares. In each case, those accused were not given a proper chance to defend themselves, and society was told to “believe the victim.”

Such has been the case in recent years on college campuses. We’re told college women face the possibility of being sexually assault on par with the frequency of war-torn Congo. We’re told that false accusations are so rare we should just ignore their potential. And we’re told that if we don’t outright believe all accusers, we’re rape apologists. Due process, we’re told, hurts victims (but only on college campuses or in matters of sex; all other crimes require due process).

The recent hatred for due process grew after President Barack Obama’s Education Department issued guidance in 2011 about how schools should handle accusations of sexual assault. The guidance all but assured accused students would be found responsible, even going so far as to suggest cross-examination shouldn’t be allowed because it might re-traumatize victims. This, of course, ignored the fact that cross-examination is the most effective tool to determine whether someone actually is a victim.

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