Obama started the war on police.

Via Daily Wire:

The media predictably exploded this week after a Democratic congresswoman attacked President Donald Trump for allegedly making insensitive remarks to the family of a fallen U.S. soldier — accusing the President of saying callously that the soldier “knew what he signed up for.”

While other Gold Star families had come out and said that President Trump was respectful when he called them — suggesting the media and Democrats were taking his remarks out of context — the media instead focused on portraying the President as a heartless monster.

What the media did not do was point out that former President Barack Obama said essentially the same thing to a graduating class of police officers in Columbus, Ohio in 2009:

The job you signed up for is not easy. It can mean long shifts and late nights. It demands focus, and determination, and great bravery in the face of unknown dangers. When you run into that building or chase down that suspect, you will be risking your own life in order to protect the lives of men and women you have never met, and some that you may never know.

But you knew all that when you joined the academy. You knew the risks involved, you knew the sacrifices required, and yet you stood up and said, “I’ll take that risk. I’ll make that sacrifice. I will do that job.”

During the Obama administration, many — including top police officials — blamed the president for creating a “war on cops,” often citing “systemic racism” in law enforcement while rarely urging people to support the police.

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