The family that Jihads together stays together…

Via Daily Mail:

A heavily pregnant woman bought a hunting knife and a ‘life size training dummy’ to help her husband prepare for a deadly terror attack, a court heard.

Madihah Taheer allegedly paid £275 for a plastic torso, commonly used as a ‘training opponent’ by martial arts practitioners and a £120 Cold Steel Leatherneck knife online for her husband Ummariyat Mirza, 21.

Woolwich Crown Court heard Mirza promised to launch a knife attack as a wedding present for his wife and the pair argued about who was more radical.

Jurors heard Mirza has admitted preparing to commit terrorist acts while his 21-year-old wife denies the offence.

Two years before they bought the knife, Taheer told Mirza that she was desperate to travel to Syria after reading a woman’s account of life with ISIS, adding: ‘OMG man. She made me want it so bad.’

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