Hopped up on a sugary drink.

Via Daily Mail:

His meltdowns have become a thing of legend.

And Alec Baldwin’s infamous temper supposedly reared its ugly head yet again when he tried to goad a driver who displeased him out of his car so he could confront him in New York.

When the hapless motorist refused to take the bait it is claimed The Cooler actor’s hot temper further got the better of him, causing him to angrily throw his soft drink onto the street in a fit of rage.

A pedestrian told Page Six that the 30 Rock star got into an angry verbal exchange with the driver.

The witness said: ‘Baldwin called the driver of a big black SUV “a meatball” and kept asking him and the passenger to get out.’

And the fact his opponent would not take up his challenge is said to have only infuriated the impulsive movie hunk all the more.

The pedestrian said: ‘Alec got out his phone and started videotaping them.

‘They pulled away right after, and he took a pic of their license plate and threw his extra-large drink in the street. Then he just went on his angry way.’

The liberal actor’s representative had no comment on the incident.

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