People are pondering why Hillary Clinton has not yet weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has received a lot of money from Harvey Weinstein and through his auspices connecting her up with other donors and holding fundraisers for her.

According to the Washington Times, Weinstein threw one event with the assistance of fashion icon Anna Wintour during which people had to pay $2,700 to get a picture taken with Hillary.

At another in June 2016, Weinstein threw a fundraiser with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Matthew Broderick serving as co-hosts for the event.

Imagine the money made through those events!

But that isn’t all.

But even more than that, Harvey Weinstein was a big mega-donor to the Clinton Foundation, donating at least $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation

That’s all big money that Hillary is not going to want to give back.

Hillary has been slow to return money that was donated to her from a company accused of having ads that may have helped child prostitution. They had donated just $5,000 to her. And while most Democrats have returned or donated the money from that company once the issue was discovered, she has not.

If she wouldn’t return that relatively small amount (to her), would she give back hundreds of thousands?

In addition to the money that she and the Clinton Foundation got through Weinstein, she also got an additional benefit.

The benefit of his power in Hollywood.

In addition to giving her an intro to his Hollywood friends and connection to all their possible donations, there was another factor.

Weinstein carried a big stick with the ability to shape media and stop anything that could be harmful.

That helped him to be able to suppress the charges against him and any stories that the media might have wanted to run them.

And he may just have been a help to Hillary by doing that for her as well.

See what Michael Moore and Harvey Weinstein said in this clip.

Money and power is a powerful aid.

But now he’s been found out and the time has come to disavow him.

If one truly wants to be a champion of women. Of course, Hillary’s record on speaking out against others in her life with sexual harassment accusations has not been good.

So Hillary, when will you weigh in and speak out?


Once the rapes were reported this morning, I thought she would be forced to weigh in and she just released a statement.

Notice what there isn’t in this statement?

She’s ‘shocked and appalled’ although why, since everyone knew. If everyone knew, why didn’t she say something before. She had this guy at her birthday party, for gosh sakes.

There’s no condemnation of Weinstein personally for his actions. Once again, a Clinton-crafted statement.