Via The Blaze:

Country music singer Eric Church did something extraordinary for a fan who perished in the Las Vegas massacre, and his wife who survived him during his concert Wednesday at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

What did he do?
Church stopped his show to talk to the audience, and told them he didn’t really want to come out and do his concert that night, but he saw something on CNN that forced him to go.

“This past Friday, I played the Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, and I was the headliner, and uhm, I looked out there in that crowd, in that place, it was our last show of the year,” he explained to his audience.

“I watched them hold American flags during ‘How about You?’” he continued. “I watched them put an American scarf around my neck during ‘Springsteen.’ They held records up when I played ‘Record Year.’ They held boots up when I played ‘These Boots.’”

“And I was so, moved by it, mainly because I looked at them and went, ‘This is my crowd, I’ve seen this crowd all year.’ They’re mine,” he said.

“And 48 hours later, the place where I stood was carnage,” he said, his voice choked with emotion. “Those were my people, those were my fans.”

“I didn’t want to be here tonight,” he confessed. “And I didn’t want to play guitar, and I didn’t want to walk on this stage. But last night, let me try to get this out, last night somebody sent me a video of a lady named Heather Melton. And she was talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN and she had on our ‘Church choir’ tour shirt.”

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