Hillary left him and others to die.

Via AMN:

While Kris “Tanto” Paronto is slated to speak at Victoria College, in Texas, in October, rumors have surfaced that students will be protesting his lecture. One report claimed people are planning to protest the event because Paronto might “talk politics and offend members of the Victoria Islamic Center” there.

“A planned protest has formed to get tickets for the program, but then not show up, to decrease attendance to the lecture,” the Victoria Advocate reported. Tickets are currently sold out for the lecture, which is part of Victoria College’s Lyceum Lecture Series.

Paronto told American Military News this week that any protestors for the lecture haven’t done their homework to learn about him, and that protestors in general don’t always understand what they’re protesting.

“They protest to cause divisiveness, to be accepted into a like-minded group no matter how ignorant the group is or because they have nothing else to do,” he said Friday. “This possible protest in Victoria, Texas, validates that.”

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