Via Campus Reform:

In place of the once-illustrious “Genderbread Person,” an organization has popularized a “Gender Unicorn” now making its way around campuses across the country.

The graphic, created by an organization known as Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER), features a purple unicorn alongside a list of categories, such as “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “sex assigned at birth,” “physically attracted to,” and “emotionally attracted to,” asking students to indicate where they fall on the spectrum for each category.

The unicorn appeared at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, for instance, offering students an “activity” that provides participants an “opportunity to reflect on their own gender identity, expression, sex, and sexuality.”

“Lol this is what UW-Whitewater spends its time and money on,” one student remarked on Twitter, with the unicorn indicating that he was to “place an ‘X’ on the below spectra,” noting that “far left = does not identify,” while “far right = strongly identifies.”

Meanwhile, Ball State University’s “Spectrum” organization even hosted a “Gender Unicorn event,” where attendees completed the activity while participating in a “family dinner.”

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