Reporters ride unicorns not horses.

Via Washington Times:

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reportedly dropped the F-bomb in an email exchange with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist who was working on a story about the former sheriff’s security detail.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel watchdog columnist Daniel Bice sent Mr. Clarke, an ardent President Trump supporter, a series of questions last week asking how he felt about losing his round-the-clock, taxpayer-funded security detail, which was reportedly put into place in the summer of last year after the sheriff received an onslaught of death threats. Officials last week announced that Mr. Clarke would no longer receive such protection, which reportedly cost more than $220,000 since January.

“Was this a wise use of taxpayer dollars?” Mr. Bice asked, according to screenshots he shared on Twitter, The Hill reported.

“‘F— you and the horse you rode in on.’ I’m David Clarke and I approve this message,” the sheriff responded from his private email address.

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