Once the statues are gone the unicorns will reappear with rainbows every day.

Via The Hay Ride:

Mitch Landrieu is currently on his media tour touting his victory over the Confederate Army and its rebellious descendants… all while his city continues to battle violent crime, power outages, and, today, boil advisories for the city’s water.

You can see the video of the interview here.

Nevermind Landrieu’s thoughts on history and how right or wrong he might be… where the hell is he while his city is falling to pieces?

Today, New Orleans area schools were cancelled and water boil advisories were issued as a sudden drop in water pressure left the city coping with yet another civic issue – which joins previous power outages and recurring violent crime – while its mayor is running for some sort of higher office.

And, let’s be clear here: That’s exactly what Landrieu is doing. He realizes that New Orleans isn’t going to be the gleaming utopia he promised, so he wants to take something the Democratic base feeds on – this Confederate statue nonsense – and use that to elevate himself. And, a Democratic media is more than willing to help him do just that.

Both Landrieu and the left-leaning media realize the Democratic Party has no bench, and the party is going to be looking for fresh(er) faces come 2020 and beyond. Landrieu’s heroic defeat of the last vestiges of the Confederacy are a great chance to develop that national profile.

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