The mayor and sheriff disagree.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ office in Portland on Tuesday and criticized what he referred to as “so-called sanctuary policies.”

Portland and other Oregon cities adopted sanctuary city policies earlier this year.

The city of Portland then joined the city of Seattle in a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s executive order threatening to strip federal funding from cities that refuse to assist the federal government with immigration enforcement.

On Tuesday, Sessions described violent crime increasing in Portland and across the nation. He cited sanctuary cities and the release of “criminal aliens” as factors.

“Whatever the crime rate is in a city, you can be sure it will be higher if these policies are followed,” Sessions said.[…]

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler released a statement Tuesday saying he would not be meeting with Sessions, but wrote a letter outlining his disagreement with Trump’s immigration policies.

“Oregon state law dating back to 1987 prohibits state and local police from enforcing federal immigration law,” Wheeler said.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese released a series of tweets after Sessions spoke, saying everyone, regardless of their immigration status, needs to feel confident going to law enforcement without fear of deportation.

He said immigration enforcement needs to be addressed between federal officials, courts and Congress.

“If the administration wants to make controversial and dangerous changes to immigration enforcement, they should convince Congress instead of leaning on local law enforcement,” Reese wrote.

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