Organizing for Antifa.

Via BPR:

Inquiring minds want to know exactly what role the Democratic Party is playing in the growing civil unrest in America?

St. Louis continues to feel the effects of violent protests following the acquittal Friday of Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer who fatally shot a black man in 2011 following a high-speed vehicle pursuit.

Adding to the chaos, the St. Louis Young Democrats are pitching in to get the word out on when protests are taking place — what role, if any, the political organization has in organizing the protests is unknown.

he protests have resulted in extensive property damage and numerous injuries to law enforcement officers, with 123 people arrested Sunday and more arrests taking place on Monday, according to the St. Louis Police Department’s Twitter feed.

Eleven officers were injured on Friday, the first day of the demonstrations.[…]

The St. Louis Democrats’ website acknowledges the “right to peacefully gather” to protest and does denounce violence.

…against those committing the violence!

To be fair, they eventually get around to speaking out against any and all violence.

“Violence against protestors (sic) is not an appropriate response. Further, violence against anyone or anything is not an appropriate response and is unacceptable.

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