Latinos this time.

Via Chicago Tribune:

Four people, including a woman police believe was pregnant, were killed Friday night in a rifle attack in the Brighton Park neighborhood.

The shooting happened about 8:40 p.m. in the 4700 block of South Fairfield Avenue, police said. Three men and a woman were inside a vehicle when someone inside a white SUV opened fire on them with a rifle, police said.

Responding police officers found their bodies inside the vehicle and they were pronounced dead at the scene. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the woman was believed to be pregnant, but police won’t know for sure until the autopsy.

The medical examiner’s office on Saturday identified the deceased as Joel Sandoval, 24; Miguel Sandoval, 27; Michelle Cano, 21; and Ida Arvizu, no age disclosed.[…]

Another man, who was pacing around the crime scene tape, angrily walked up to police officers on the other side and criticized them for “not doing anything” to stop the violence. He cursed at the officers and said they don’t do anything.

As he spoke, a group of residents talked about the neighborhood. One of the men gestured toward the cursing man to illustrate his point that it had changed for the worse “with idiots like this.”

The angry man turned around to confront the group and said they shouldn’t talk about him behind his back. He said that, as Latinos, they should stick together.

“Do you think I like it that I was sleeping and they called to tell me my cousin’s dead?” he asked, confronting them.

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