If they don’t get the message verbally, they will soon get the message another way…

Via Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump boasted Friday that the U.S. Air Force and its high-tech military hardware represent a potentially ‘overwhelming’ military response to North Korea’s nuclear saber-rattling.

Standing before a massive U.S. flag and a B-2 stealth bomber – a plane that’s capable of dropping nuclear bombs – Trump lashed out at dictator Kim Jong-Un and warned that advanced U.S. weaponry can make the souls of America’s enemies ‘tremble.’

He bashed Pyongyang for showing ‘its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community.’
‘Nothing inspires more confidence in our friends, or strikes more fear in the hearts of our enemies, than the sight of American war planes on the horizon,’ Trump declared.

‘Our aviators have given America total dominance of the air and space no matter where we fly. Now when our enemies hear the F-35’s engines, when they’re roaring overhead, their souls will tremble and they will know the day of reckoning has arrived.’

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