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Last night ESPN’s 6 PM Sportscenter host Jemele Hill chose the 16thAnniversary of 9/11 to go off on the fitness of Donald Trump’s white supremacy in a series of tweets responding to randos on the internet. “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists. Trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Period. The height of white privilege is to be able to ignore his white supremacy because it’s of no threat to you. Well, it’s a threat to me. Donald Trump is a bigot. Glad you could live with voting for him. I couldn’t, because I care about more than just myself. He is unqualified and unfit to be president. He is not a leader. And if he were not white, he never would have been elected.” You can see the full roster of tweets here. Apparently it was inspired by an argument about Kid Rock, connected to a protest of his performance at the Red Wings new arena. Surely that will stop him.

I asked Jemele to show her work and name the white supremacists Trump’s surrounded himself with. She didn’t answer – but her followers did, citing Steve Bannon, Seb Gorka, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach, and the Trump family themselves. So that’s two guys who are gone, the top Jewish staffer working in the White House, a former Republican Senator, a former Republican Secretary of State in Kansas, and a family of wealthy lifelong New York Democrats. That’s your indication of deep-seated white supremacy at the White House? These are the guys in white hoods carrying torches? And how exactly are they a threat to you?

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Let’s check out some of those white supremacists he’s surrounded himself with over the years.

There are literally reams and reams of pics over 30 some years.

He apparently became a racist, at least to Democrats who formerly called him an ‘ally,’ only after he ran for President as a Republican and upset the applecart.

Which says far more about people like Jesse Jackson who threw his friend of 30 years under the bus, then it says about Trump.