Social justice warriors outraged.

Via TOI:

US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary order on Monday allowing the Trump administration to maintain its restrictive policy on refugees for the time being.

The order was in response to the administration’s request for the high court to block a lower court ruling that could allow up to 24,000 refugees to enter the United States.

Kennedy ordered challengers to the administration’s refugee ban to submit written arguments in support of the lower court ruling by midday Tuesday.

The appellate ruling would allow refugees to enter the United States if a resettlement agency in the US had agreed to take them in. The ruling would have taken effect Tuesday without the high court’s intervention and could apply to up to 24,000 refugees.

The administration did not challenge the part of the ruling that applies to a temporary ban on visitors from six mostly Muslim countries. The appeals court ruled that grandparents and cousins of people already in the US cannot be excluded from the country under the travel ban.

The Supreme Court already has weighed in twice on lower court rulings striking down or limiting the travel and refugee bans, though it has to rule on their validity.

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