Yeah, I’m sure it’s just random kids. Not.

Via Daily Caller:

A Yonkers, N.Y., resident found a bust of Christopher Columbus beheaded Wednesday, and police are now investigating the scene.

The police suggested that the perpetrators could be responding to the Charlottesville rally and also suggested juveniles could have found the statue’s head, which was found discarded beside a plastic bag.

“It’s very upsetting that American values have sunken to the level they are today,” said Pat Gamberdella, the resident who found the ruined statue, to NBC New York. “It’s unfortunate because I did go up there and I did see it all smashed.”

“We can’t just desecrate a monument to them just because you don’t like what they did.”

“I think it should be taken down, but I don’t think going about it and defacing it is the way to do it,” said fellow resident Chantel Cleckley. “That just makes the other side angry.”

A vandal destroyed a Christopher Columbus in Baltimore earlier in August, filming the incident and posting it to YouTube.