Hillary lost because she is Hillary.

Via Washington Examiner:

That Hillary Clinton’s White House hopes were stunted at least in part by an unfair news media is a conviction that continues to burn strong with her hardcore believers, even as the rest of us know that, like Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Chris Cillizza’s political insight, it isn’t real.

Complaints about the media as it relates to Clinton resurfaced this week after a New York Times reporter defended his paper’s coverage in 2016.[…]

“Seriously, the Times needs to hire an outside investigator to look at the 2016 election the way it did the run-up to Iraq War,” liberal writer Joan Walsh wrote in response to Thrush. “Or else its best reporters will lose credibility in Twitter beefs trying to ‘balance’ Times bad email coverage with Clinton flaws.”

Democratic activist Peter Daou accused Thrush of rehashing “every stale mainstream narrative about 2016.”

It’s not as though harping about the media’s Clinton coverage is some new and unexplored idea.

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt said in May that the media “failed to distinguish a subject that sounded important — secret emails! — from subjects that were in reality more important.” He called his own paper’s coverage “the media’s worst mistake in 2016.”

The liberal Mother Jones publication accused the New York Times of an “epic Hillary Clinton screw-up.”

Clinton herself has been complaining about the media for years. Three months ago, she said the New York Times covered her email server controversy “like it was Pearl Harbor.”

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