There was no indication that Armentrout was a white supremacist. He bothered no one. Yet he was assailed and police had to remove him for his own protection.

Via Daily Caller:

A student at a small Baptist college in Florida says he has been expelled after he decided it would be a good idea to dress in Civil War-era military garb and stand at attention holding a Confederate flag and an AR-15 rifle in front of a General Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia last week.

The student, who appeared in an Associated Press video which quickly spread rapidly across the Internet, is Allen Armentrout of High Point, North Carolina, reports Piedmont Triad NBC affiliate WXII-TV.

The incident that led to Armentrout’s alleged suspension occurred last Tuesday.

Armentrout suffered an absolute torrent of verbal abuse and obscene hand gestures from other people in the park as he stood saluting Lee and otherwise made his symbolic stand.

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