Seattle PD to protect and serve Moonbats.

Via Washington Times:

Seattle’s police department poked fun at conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from its Twitter account Friday after the “InfoWars” host made a literal splash roaming Seattle during a live internet broadcast.

Mr. Jones was broadcasting live on Periscope from downtown Seattle when he engaged with a passerby Friday morning and was subsequently splashed with a thermos full of liquid.

“Hey, @SeattlePD, I’m seeing vids of Alex Jones on Seattle streets yelling at folks. Is this under investigation, are there incident reports?” BuzzFeed reporter Dominic Holden tweeted afterwards.

“We haven’t received any official reports,” the Seattle Police Department responded. “As far as we know that could be an actor playing Alex Jones.”

Law enforcement’s reply was retweeted more than 8,000 times in under 24 hours – a fraction of the over 400,000 views amassed by a video of the incident uploaded to YouTube.

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