They need a dog named Thor roaming the perimieter.


Corinth police officers are guarding the Confederate monument that sits in front of Alcorn County Courthouse.

The monument honors William Rogers, a colonel in the Confederate army. Rogers also practiced medicine and law.

Corinth Police Department said officers were alerted to an online threat that said people would be tearing the monument down on Friday afternoon. The threat also called for the removal of 10 other statues across the south by 5 p.m.

After the deadly white supremacist rally in Virginia, pushes to remove Confederate monuments have grown. Various cities throughout the south, including Memphis, are discussing the legality of removing the monuments.

A small crowd of people stayed around the statue all day, including Wade Sockwell, who drove 40 miles from Alabama.

“I want preservation of history, all good and all bad of history,” Sockwell said.

Police and sheriff’s deputies stood guard, putting a barrier around the statue.

“We are taking that threat seriously,” said Corinth Police Chief Ralph Dance. “We’re going to protect our property the city and county people paid for. We’re not going to let outsiders come in here and destroy our community.”

Citizens stood alongside law enforcement, not inspired by hate they say, but inspired to protect what they believe is history that deserves to be publicly displayed.

“Somebody tries to take it down, we will defend it,” said Corinth resident Chris Grimes. “Hopefully not violently, we don’t want to be violent.”

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