Antifa looking for a fight. Update to this story.


The crowd of anti-hate protestors is slowing dispersing after rumors that the KKK has backed off their planned rally.

Amid rumors of a white supremacist rally that was supposed to begin at noon in Durham, the county closed down government buildings and crowds flooded into to the street to counter-protest.

Twitter and other social media sites lit up with calls to action against the KKK rally.

Live streams from local media and social media show a crowd of about 200 people carrying “No hate” signs and chanting “No KKK. No Fascists USA.”

No rally materialized, and the sheriff’s office said roads will be reopened soon, and a street fair will go on as planned.

Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrew released a statement thanking the protesters for being non-violent:

“We want to thank the Durham community for a peaceful demonstration. Throughout the day, we have received numerous reports of potential counter protests in the Durham community. The Sheriff’s Office has been gathering and reviewing information related to potential counter protests throughout the week. We have taken steps to ensure public safety. At this time, law enforcement continues to monitor the area and has not confirmed reports of activity. We are urging residents to avoid joining the crowd in the downtown area as law enforcement continues to monitor the situation. Residents are encouraged to rely on verified information.”

On Monday evening, protesters tore down a statue of a Confederate soldier from its pedestal in front of a county building. The crowd gathered in response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

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