They attacked him when they are the people allegedly guilty of discrimination.

Via Daily Caller:

James Damore, the Google engineer that was fired for writing a memo criticizing the company’s diversity policies, said in a Thursday interview that Google employees publicly criticize people based on race and gender in meetings.

“You can openly shame white people or all men [at Google], and we do this in our company-wide meetings,” Damore said. “There’s definitely a bias toward certain movements.”

During the interview with the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, Damore claimed that Google firing him for pushing “harmful gender stereotypes” only revealed the company’s overblown emphasis on diversity, denying allegations that his memo had pushed “harmful gender stereotypes.”

“They’re putting their ideology before truth,” Damore said. “When one side is just trying to guilt you and call you names, and the other is actually using evidence and science, you know which one is actually seeking truth.”

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