Reporting on statements like this is repression?

Via College Fix:

In the recent past, some outspoken professors have publicly cheered for “white genocide,” called President Donald Trump a “dangerous … racist sexist megalomaniac,” said white people should just be left to die, and suggested Israelis celebrate when Palestinians die.

But when “right-wing” journalists report on such statements — comments that go viral and upset observers, who then criticize the rhetoric — that’s a purposely orchestrated “technique of repression,” according to one Ivy League scholar.

Russell Rickford, an associate professor of history at Cornell University, makes this argument in a recent Black Perspectives piece, suggesting news coverage of academics’ controversial statements is really a conservative effort to silence liberal academics.

Progressive professors are “engulfed in controversy” because they exposed “unjust power,” argues Rickford. He blamed the outrage on “a collection of right-wing sites and organizations that have mastered a cynical style of attack journalism well suited for the mob mentality of the social media age.”

The article, titled “Neo-McCarthyism and the Radical Professor,” cites recent examples stemming from controversial comments made by professors George Ciccariello-Maher, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Johnny Eric Williams and Steven Salaita.

Professor Maher made headlines for his Dec. 2016 tweet that read “all I want for Christmas is white genocide.” Professor Taylor prompted media attention for her May 2017 commencement speech lambasting Trump, a speech that called him a “dangerous … racist sexist megalomaniac” who is also targeting the black community and undocumented immigrants.