Propped up by the media same as Obama.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Canadian embassy in Washington has a fun secret that is often overlooked by those walking past. Just a few feet from Pennsylvania Avenue sits an echo chamber inside one of the embassy’s exterior rotundas. Step into it and you’ll hear exactly what you’re saying from all around.

If the embassy hadn’t been built in 1989, it would be a perfect metaphor for those in the United States who continue to heap false praise upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Just last week, he graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with the subheader, “Is he the free world’s best hope?”

The answer is simple: absolutely not.

The drawbacks of Trudeau’s rise to power are many, but you wouldn’t know it from the coverage and clickbait online. For a man who many view as an endearing foil to Trump, with moves like a more open Syrian refugee policy and the much-praised gender parity of his cabinet, some of his other actions raise questions about his judgement. Aside from the nice hair, light-hearted pictures with pandas, and stairway party tricks, Justin Trudeau is a reckless apologist; not the new “leader of the free world.”

Just this month, Prime Minister Trudeau awarded $8 million to a terrorist who was found guilty of five war crimes and spent time in detention in Guantanamo Bay. The man, Omar Khadr, had pleaded guilty to killing Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, a U.S. Army medic who died in 2002. Khadr, a Canadian citizen who had trained with al Qaeda in Afghanistan, was returned to Canada in 2012 to finish the remainder of his sentence. The Canadian Supreme Court eventually ruled that his treatment in Gitmo had violated his rights because he was a minor and allowed him to pursue damages in Canadian civil court.

Instead of allowing Speer’s family – American citizens – to see their day in court and pursue damages from Khadr, Trudeau rushed to give Omar Khadr his money and a formal written apology from the Canadian government. No court order had forced Trudeau’s hand; he did so willingly.

The prime minister’s capitulation to a convicted terrorist, who was a “child” at the time of his crimes, therefore left no further course of action for Speer’s family. In his widow’s words, “Everyone wants to say he’s the child; he’s the victim. I don’t see that. My children are the victims.”

The feckless leadership of Justin Trudeau doesn’t stop at offering embarrassing written apologies to those who kill American soldiers. Like Trump, he has also praised ruthless dictators. Following Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s death, his office released a statement calling Castro “a remarkable leader.” He went on to reminisce about how he had met Castro as a child and praised him as a “legendary revolutionary and orator.” While Canada’s relations with Cuba are no doubt different from those of the United States, Trudeau was criticized domestically and abroad for being completely tone deaf. Simply put, if he were the leader many make him out to be, he wouldn’t praise a man who brutally suppressed dissent, led executions of his political opposition, and forced his own citizens into labor camps for religious minorities and gay men.

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