Make the democrats take ownership.

Via IBD:

Health Reform: For months, ObamaCare defenders have dominated the debate by trotting out people who would supposedly be harmed by the GOP replacement plan. President Trump tried to turn the tables on Monday by highlighting the very real pain ObamaCare is causing millions of middle class families. Too bad the Senate didn’t catch on.

During his remarks, which came on the eve of the make-or-break Senate votes, in which he challenged the Senate to live up to seven years’ worth of promises to repeal and replace ObamaCare, Trump spent much of his time showcasing victims of ObamaCare.

“Democrats promised Melissa Acerson that her son’s pre-existing conditions would be covered,” Trump said. “The Acerson’s quickly learned that ObamaCare’s promise of covering for pre-existing conditions was meaningless, for the doctors you need to care for you aren’t on your plan.”

Others on the dais with Trump found their premiums skyrocketing, their choice of plans reduced to one — and possibly none next year — or were forced to repeatedly switch plans as insurers dropped out of the ObamaCare exchange.

Democrats, he said, “want to forget about the countless Americans they have hurt, and the many they are continuing to hurt every day by refusing to help us replace ObamaCare.”

This is exactly the tactic Democrats use to sell their policies, usually to a credulous media. It’s about time Republicans learned to play this game.

Are Trump’s examples exaggerations? Exceptions to the rule? Hardly.

Insurance defections have forced families to repeatedly switch companies, which often means finding new doctors. Plans offered in the ObamaCare exchanges are almost entirely HMO-style plans with limited provider networks that provide zero coverage if you go out of network. Those dumped into Medicaid find that few doctors are willing to see them because of its low payment rates.

Meanwhile, millions of families are finding that the “Affordable Care Act” is a cruel joke.

Backers routinely say that massive premium increases are no big deal since 83% of those enrolling in the ObamaCare exchanges get generous subsidies.

But 43% of the entire individual market don’t get any subsidies because their incomes are too high — that includes individuals who make more than around $47,000 a year. These people face the full brunt of the double-digit premium hikes that have become routine since the law took effect.

For a family of four, the average annual premium is more than $12,000 for a Silver plan with a deductible of more than $7,000.

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